A mini band below the knees stops the knees caving during squats!

I have tried ALL the different methods to fix valgus collapse (knee valgus/knees caving inward). After a good nine months of squatting with a mini band BELOW my knees, I feel I can now confidently say that this has been the number one method to correct this issue.

Enough talking, what is this miraculous fix then?

Put a mini band BELOW your knees

mini band below the kneesThis input forces you to keep your knees out during the squat by getting the lateral hip muscles firing. It also helps to think about pushing your knees out on the descent in the squat as well as on the ascent. And always push with your heels too. If the band starts to draw your knees in, that is your cue to press them back out with your hips and glutes – do not let the band pull them in!

bweightsquatknesspress-b-male[1]Over time, you will learn how correct knee tracking movement should feel and one day you’ll be able to squat without the band at all.

I have tried a mini band above the knees, on the thighs as well as almost on the kneecaps. Neither of these methods have been as amazingly successful as having the band BELOW the knees.